Technology is Taking Over

It’s 2019. We all saw it coming: Technology is taking over. Everywhere we look people have their noses buried in their smart phones, tablets, and computers. It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come, and all the things people had to do without technology. Remember when you had to mail a letter if you wanted to reach someone? Or how about going to the library if you didn’t know something? Technology has made some major differences to improve the world, but there’s a lot of controversy whether technology actually made the world a better place. Do the pros outweigh the cons? Should the cons not be overlooked? Tell us what you think:


  • Internet and Accuracy

    Don’t know the answer to a question? You are now a few clicks away from knowing the answer through Google. Need to add things up and document numbers? You’ve got everything you need on your computer with Excel and the Calculator app. The internet and programs, like Microsoft Office, are there to fix your human errors.

  • Time Saver

    Having a computer allows you to do many things at once. You can schedule appointments, email people, and perform other tedious tasks in minutes. If you share projects with your coworkers, all files can be saved in one place for people to access. Therefore, making everything you do more efficient and productive.

  • Green Planet

    Tree huggers unite! Technology allows us to be paperless. We don’t have to use a single sheet of paper while we’re writing novels, figuring out mathematical equations, or spelling things. Saving paper saves trees and saving trees saves the planet.

  • Communication

    Using direct messaging apps such as Skype, Slack, GroupMe, and IM, you can ask quick questions or message someone without writing an email or leaving your desk. For more polished business to business communications, just compose an email. You never have to pick up the phone again!

  • Working from Home

    Your employees don’t need to be in the office to work anymore. Save overhead and allow your employees to work remotely using their own laptops and WiFi.


  • Slackers

    Americans waste almost two hours a day on things other than their responsibilities. What are they doing? They’re checking their social media or texting their friends. Technology can be a big distraction in the workplace causing some employees to be less productive.

  • Communication (again?)

    Yes, communication in the office is compromised because instead of talking in person, we talk over text and emails. Many things can be lost in translation.

  • Money, Money, Money

    Technology is expensive! If your smartphone breaks, it could be up to $300 to get it fixed. Need to restore your laptop’s hard drive? Computers are even more expensive to repair.

  • Automatic

    Everything works by itself now and this makes people lazy at work. Some basic skills go to waste, such as tracking inventory. Automated messages get frustrating when you’re trying to call an operator for customer service but get stuck with a robotic voice that can never understand you.

In a world where technology is everywhere you turn, we understand the importance of one on one conversations with our candidates. At HealthCare Support, our candidates have essential conversations with their recruiter throughout the hiring process.

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