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HealthCare Support Receives Top Recognition as One of the Top Healthcare Staffing Firms

          We are excited to announce that HealthCare Support (HCS) has been recognized as one of the Top Healthcare Staffing Firms of 2023 by Great Recruiters. This accolade reflects our commitment to excellence in healthcare staffing … Continue reading

Why Us?

Become Part of the Family: Why Choosing HealthCare Support is the Key to Success HealthCare Support understands that choosing a job is no longer solely about the paycheck. It’s about feeling valued, recognized and becoming a part of something more … Continue reading

Healthcare Support Staffing Solutions for the Senior Living Sector

At HealthCare Support, we strive to positively impact the lives of seniors by connecting senior living communities with highly qualified healthcare professionals. Our staffing experts have experience finding dedicated, knowledgeable, and compassionate candidates who possess the expertise to serve senior … Continue reading

Explore a New Environment Through Travel Nursing

Psych nurses dedicate their careers to helping some of the most vulnerable patients get to a place of healing and recovery. They undertake a variety of tasks to care for patients who others can’t, or simply won’t. The responsibilities of … Continue reading

How to Improve the Patient-Pharmacist Relationship

The patient-pharmacist relationship should be more than just dropping off and picking up prescriptions. Back in the day, everyone knew their local pharmacist and, in turn, they knew their patients by name. While that level of professional familiarity still exists … Continue reading

Recent Changes to Pharmacist Revalidation Requirements

In October 2022, the General Pharmaceutical Council’s changes to the pharmacist revalidation requirements went into effect. Here is what pharmacists need to know about the new changes.  Required Revalidation Records  The required records and documents that you must now submit … Continue reading

How to Transform the Workplace Culture at Your Pharmacy Job

Pharmacists are among the most relied-upon individuals in the field of healthcare. This is, perhaps, one of the many reasons why pharmacists often report high levels of work-related stress. In order to avoid the risk of burnout, it is important … Continue reading

Celebrating National Pharmacist Day

Each year on January 12, National Pharmacist Day allows us the opportunity to celebrate all of the amazing, hardworking pharmacists in our lives. As such a huge pillar of the medical field, pharmacists deserve the ultimate praise and celebration on … Continue reading

Common Myths About Pharmacists

Like any healthcare path, a pharmacy career can be a bit daunting to jump into. Therefore, to ease your mind, we’d like to bust some common myths you may hear about working in the field of pharmacy. Myth 1: Pharmacists … Continue reading

Tips for Starting a New Pharmacy Career

A new job is an exciting fresh start, but, for most, the excitement comes with some tension. Whether you’re a fresh graduate new to the field or an experienced pharmacist embarking on your next chapter, your position in a new … Continue reading