What Is Medical Billing?

Just like any other working professional, doctors, nurses, and clinical staff members need compensation for their services—which makes medical billers a major asset to every healthcare facility, especially in Orlando. No procedure is the exact same, so clinical offices can’t slap a predetermined price tag on each treatment plan. Therefore, professionals in any field of medicine must submit their services for payment through the intricate medical billing system.   

The Connected World of Medical Billing 

There are three parties involved in medical billing and in healthcare reimbursement as a whole—the first, second, and third being the patient, provider, and payer, respectively. Medical billing is the thread that connects each party and ensures that the necessary ones are billed or payed. While the second party of medical billers creates and assigns the bills, or claims, the first and third parties are responsible for making payments on each service provided. 

Claims sent by medical billers to insurance companies, or third parties, include information about the patient and the service provided to the patient. For example, a colonoscopy claim would include the patient’s personal, medical, and insurance information as well as a report on the colonoscopy procedure and the reason it was recommended. 

The Day-to-Day for Medical Billers  

On a daily basis, the majority of medical billers’ time goes to creating claims. Therefore, they must be familiar with various insurance companies and their individual policies. Medical billers also have to verify and proofread each claim to remove any errors and verify that all of the information is correct and comprehensive. 

While there are many software options that can alleviate the complexity of medical billing, medical billers still need an intricate knowledge system to effectively navigate medical codes and assign the proper ones to each claim. The day-to-day duties of a medical biller include tasks such as: 

  • Filing claims with various insurance companies 
  • Tracking previously filed claims 
  • Receiving claim payments 
  • Correcting medical coding errors 
  • Updating billing information 
  • Contacting insurance companies 

Healthcare providers can use automated services or even outsource their medical billing, but medical billers remain imperative to their financial functions.

Start Your Career in Medical Billing

Here at HealthCare Support, our experienced team of healthcare recruiters understand the importance that each medical professional plays in our healthcare system. That’s why we strive to prepare every candidate to secure and succeed in the position that fits their interests, experience, and goals. If your career path is pointing toward medical billing, join our talent network today and gain access to top recruiting tactics designed for medical billers. For more information on our healthcare recruiting services, contact us today at 407-478-0332.

Phone Interview Tips for Candidates

When you work with a recruiting agency, a critical part of landing a job somewhere is the phone interview. Your dedicated recruiter will work hard to find you great job opportunities wherever you want to go and will represent you well to potential employers. But, the phone interview is your first chance to talk directly with an employer. Thus, it is incredibly important that you are able to make a good first impression over the phone and convey your skills and interests clearly.

Of course, it is only natural to feel some pressure and nerves during a phone interview. But don’t worry — we are here to help you feel relaxed, confident, and prepared when talking to a potential employer for the first time over the phone. Here are some tips so you can ace your next phone interview.

  • Eliminate outside noises and distractions.

    The quickest way to tank a phone interview is to have a communication breakdown. That means don’t plan on having the call in a noisy coffee shop or outside by a busy street. You should be able to hear the employer clearly, and you definitely want them to hear you.

  • Study up on the company.

    An interviewer can always tell how interested you are in the job offering. If you haven’t put any effort into researching the company, it will come back to bite you. When talking about your experience and skills, try to connect them concretely to how they will serve you well at the exact job you are interviewing for.

  • Pull up your resume, cover letter, and the job description.

    The interviewer will certainly have these in front of them when asking you questions, and you don’t want to have to ask them what is on your own resume. Plus, this can help you focus your thoughts and jog your memory to help you give better answers.

  • Give focused, tight answers at a relaxed speed.

    A phone interview is typically not a long one. It is meant mostly to screen out candidates who are a bad fit. So, you don’t need to tell your whole life story — get to the point and answer the questions directly. This doesn’t mean you should cram in information by talking fast, either. Slower is better, especially over the phone.

  • Think about your answers to common questions ahead of time.

    Common questions like “What are you looking for in a job?” or “Why do you want to work for us?” shouldn’t trip you up. You should expect them and have confident answers already prepared so you can put your best foot forward.

  • Ask thoughtful questions.

    It is a big red flag if you don’t have any questions at the end of your interview. There’s no way you already know everything there is to know about the position, so if you don’t ask anything, your interviewer will think you aren’t seriously interested. Ask about day-to-day questions to show that you are genuinely considering what it would be like to work there.

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Helping Candidates and Their Families

At HealthCare Support, we think it is important to keep the bigger picture always in front of us. What are we really doing? We connect medical employers with excellent candidates seeking jobs. But even more fundamentally than this, we are helping candidates provide for themselves and their family. And, in many cases, this can be a life-changing thing. A job is no small thing — it affects every single aspect of your life.

What separates our firm from other recruitment agencies is that we never lose sight of what is most important in this business: the people. Our recruiters understand the difference a job can make to people, especially those with families, and they always remember that they are there to help find the best fit possible for their clients. With our team, you won’t be stonewalled as soon as you sign a job contract — we want to know how everything is going and if we can do anything to help you adjust to your new surroundings. At the end of the day, what matters most to us is shaping the futures of our candidates and their families.

Don’t take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from candidates with families who want to share what the HealthCare Support difference means to them.

“I am a single mom of a little girl, I had a job when Hanna reached out to me. I took a chance and with Hanna on my side, I took a chance for a better life for my daughter and me. With Hanna’s help I now have a full-time job making more money and a new apartment to call home. All because Hanna had a feeling and knew I could do it! I was just offered a permanent job with the company I am working for, but it wouldn’t be possible without Hanna’s hard work and belief in me! She walked side-by-side with me and I will be forever grateful for all she’s done for my family! Thank you Hanna from the bottom of my heart!”

  • Samantha R.

“I literally had no money and two kids at home with me. I was desperate for a job and that’s when you happened. I was totally without any confidence — didn’t trust my judgement, didn’t believe in myself, and felt worthless. If you hadn’t helped me with the interview, sent me those interview guides, gone over what I needed to think about and build up my confidence I would have never gotten the job. I so appreciate your help and professionalism. I just wanted you to know that your kindness truly helped me.

Thanks again John. You are great at your job and you make a difference. You are the best!!”

  • Kelly H.

“… I am a seasoned professional that has not had to be in the market for career opportunities in over a year. Having had some disheartening experiences in today’s market with limited human contact in the search, I was blessed to have had Ms. Ashley Greene reach out to me. I immediately felt that she is engaging, takes interest, and is recruiting from a place of true understanding from both the candidate and her client’s perspective. Ms. Ashley Greene has been encouraging, understanding, supportive, reassuring, and diligent with contact. She has invested in me and my career search and is demonstrative of what is necessary in this very important aspect in one’s life. It is rare to find the personal touch that Ms. Ashley Greene has given me. As a result, my resume and career options with HealthCare Support seem like it will be a most positive outcome! I can only imagine that if she is an example of the customer service and mission of your organization, there is true hope for those of us who value work ethics and want to be successful in a successful company and career.”

  • Desiree D.

These are just a few real-life stories of candidates we have helped find a home in the past. If you are currently looking for a job to provide for your family, HealthCare Support would love to assist you. To get started, please visit our website and search our Current Openings or Join Our Talent Network.