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How to Network in Pharmacy

Networking isn’t exclusive to potential job candidates; it’s something professionals must continuously practice in their career. Whether you’re new to the world of networking or want to fine-tune your communication skills, here’s our guide to cultivating the right connections.

Places to Network as a Pharmacist

Even if you know how to network, you might not know exactly where to start. Here are some of the best places to go to when you want to grow your list of professional contacts.

  • Charitable organizations – You don’t have to be a student to rack up some community service hours. Volunteering in your field is a great way to offer your skills to a respectable organization and add some like-minded individuals to your network.
  • School functions – If you’re still in pharmacy school, take advantage of all the student resources on campus. Attend job fairs, interview your professors, and join clubs that can help you network with pharmacists or pharmacy technicians.
  • Pharmacist conferences – Conferences are a key networking tool, because you can select ones specific to your industry. And, you can attend panels, workshops, or individual sessions to expand your knowledge and your network.

Networking Tips for Pharmacists

Networking comes easier to some than others, but it’s still a skill that anyone can master with practice. Here are some tips to help take the edge off of any professional interactions you might have in your networking journey.

  • Learn to actively listen. Making eye contact, nodding your head, and even repeating phrases back to another person lets them know that you are fully engaged in the conversation.
  • Practice your elevator pitch. Whether you’re trying to stand out to an employer or just want to effectively introduce yourself to another medical professional, you need a strong elevator pitch with personal and professional information.
  • Dress professionally. If you want to effectively extend your network of professionals, dress like a professional. Wear neutral colors, groom your hair, and put some extra overall effort into your appearance.
  • Ask questions. To use networking to your advantage, ask employers what they look for in pharmacist applicants. Likewise, when networking with other pharmacists, ask them any questions you have about their career that can help yours.
  • Keep in contact. Email and LinkedIn are professional ways to stay in touch with your connections. After an event, draft an email or send a message reminding them where you met and some key points you talked about.

Start Building Your Pharmacy Network

If you want more networking advice to enhance your professional network, partner with the healthcare networking professionals at HealthCare Support. We’ll work to optimize your resume, improve your elevator pitch, and elevate your professional communication. For more information on our talent network services, call 407-478-0332.

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