Beyond Staffing: Key Benefits of Workforce Wellness |

Beyond Staffing: Key Benefits of Workforce Wellness 

Within the healthcare industry, quality patient care and operational efficiency are crucial. As part of Ingenovis Health’s family of brands, HealthCare Support has the advantage of offering the ACT program (Advocacy. Career. Tools), an industry leading program supporting our clinicians and our clients.

A recent CDC report revealed that in 2022, 46% of health workers felt burned out. This was a significant increase from 32% in 2018 and the need for comprehensive support systems had never been more apparent. Against this backdrop, our ACT program zeroes in on clinician well-being and professional development, cultivating a workforce that is skilled, committed and resilient. By tackling pervasive issues such as burnout and staff turnover, the ACT program presents a support mechanism for healthcare professionals, translating into an advantage for our clients. Our dedication to the ACT program is a testament to our commitment to fostering a workforce that is equipped to thrive in the challenging healthcare landscape.

Understanding the ACT Program

Developed by Ingenovis Health, the ACT program is designed to address the distinct challenges faced by healthcare professionals. It recognizes the various pressures encountered daily, such as long hours, complex care environments and managing work and personal life. The program offers comprehensive resources to help mitigate these challenges, enhancing both the professional effectiveness and personal well-being of healthcare workers.

Tools and Support Options Provided by the ACT Program:

  1. Wellness Resources: The ACT program enhances clinician well-being through access to counseling, stress management tools, and wellness workshops, directly improving patient care quality and client satisfaction.
  2. Career Development Programs: Offering leadership training and career development, this program elevates healthcare professionals’ skills and knowledge, benefiting clients with a more capable team.
  3. Networking and Community Building: By facilitating connections within a supportive community, the ACT program boosts professional networking and engagement, leading to better outcomes for patients and higher satisfaction for clients.

The ACT Program Advantage:

Our clients find a unique advantage in the ACT program. It’s a synthesis of our client-centric approach, where the benefits extend beyond the immediate hiring solutions.

  1. Enhanced Clinician Well-Being: The ACT program prioritizes the mental and physical health of clinicians. Providing wellness resources and stress management tools ensures clinicians are healthier and more focused, leading to higher-quality patient care and increased client satisfaction.
  2. Increased Job Satisfaction and Retention: The program’s emphasis on work-life balance and personalized support helps reduce clinician burnout and turnover rates. Higher retention rates mean clients have a more stable and consistent team, leading to better patient care and service quality continuity.
  3. Stronger Employee Engagement: The ACT program enhances workforce engagement by creating a supportive community and providing networking opportunities. Higher engagement leads to increased motivation and dedication among staff, resulting in improved patient outcomes and greater satisfaction for clients.

We invite you to partner with us to experience solutions that go beyond the conventional and explore the possibilities of the Ingenovis Health ACT program. Together, let’s shape a healthier, more supportive future for healthcare professionals and the clients they serve.




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