Get a Hobby – It’s Good for Your Career! |

Get a Hobby – It’s Good for Your Career!

A “work-life balance” seems to be what everyone is chasing after. You work hard all day so when you come home, you’re able to unwind by doing something you actually love to do. Your overall well-being is very important to your long-term success and your hobbies contribute immensely to that. Hobbies positively impact your personal life (for obvious reasons) and it also positively impacts your professional life as well. Here’s why:

  • There are some hobbies that build confidence. Being confident is a very important quality to have, especially in the workplace. It allows you to express your ideas or opinions in a poise manner. Confidence is the key to success, and it shapes the foundation of your endurance. Some hobbies that can boost your self-esteem and confidence are running marathons, yoga, traveling alone, and learning a new language or instrument.
  • Having hobbies make you seem like a more interesting person. It can help other people get a sense of what you’re all about and helps you connect with other people. People want to be around other people that have attractive lifestyles, otherwise there’s not much to talk about! Want to be a more interesting person? Try rock climbing, fishing, volunteering, or photography.
  • If you have the type of job where you are working your left brain all day, then maybe you need a hobby that works the right side. Having a creative hobby stimulates your brain and affects your brainstorming and problem-solving abilities. You’re able to think more outside the box and it sets you apart from other peers or companies. Start painting, writing, knitting, baking, or doing DIY projects.
  • Hobbies can improve your multitasking. Having a multitasking hobby can help speed up your performance, especially if you are working on a couple different things at one time. It can also help train your brain to stay focused for a long period of time. A couple great multitasking hobbies are cooking, dancing, and acting.
  • A great way to network is through having hobbies! By going to spinning classes, golfing, or playing team sports, you meet so many people and get a chance to widen your professional circle. Who knows, maybe your spin class neighbor is the CEO of your dream company!

Overall, everyone needs hobbies to stay sane. Get out there and find a couple things you like! There are millions of hobbies and, one way or another, they’ll affect your life in some way!

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