Recent Changes to Pharmacist Revalidation Requirements |

Recent Changes to Pharmacist Revalidation Requirements

Recent Changes to Pharmacist Revalidation Requirements

In October 2022, the General Pharmaceutical Council’s changes to the pharmacist revalidation requirements went into effect. Here is what pharmacists need to know about the new changes. 

Required Revalidation Records 

The required records and documents that you must now submit for revalidation include: 

  • 4 CPD Entries – It is required that a minimum of two CPD entries are planned learning activities. 
  • One Reflective Account – While there is no required word count for this document, examples tend to be at least 400 words. 
  • One Peer Discussion – Similarly, successful peer discussions contain about 400 words. 

Before drafting your documents, it is recommended that you research successful examples available on the General Pharmaceutical Council’s website. 

Current Pharmacist Standards

There are three standards that you must be aware of in regard to the new revisions. Standards one, two, and five are listed as follows: 

  1. Pharmacy professionals must provide person-centered care. 
  2. Pharmacy professionals must work in partnership with others. 
  3. Pharmacy professionals must use their professional judgment. 

Potential Consequences of Revalidation  

It is important to be aware of the consequences that could occur if you fail to submit the above listed information. Potential consequences include entering the process of remediation and administrative removal from the register. Furthermore, if you are invalidated and would like to be restored to valid status, you will be required to pay an additional fee that can total hundreds of dollars. Thus, it is best to submit all that is required in a timely manner to ensure you stay up to date. 

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