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Common Myths About Pharmacists

Common Myths About Pharmacists

Like any healthcare path, a pharmacy career can be a bit daunting to jump into. Therefore, to ease your mind, we’d like to bust some common myths you may hear about working in the field of pharmacy.

Myth 1: Pharmacists Spend Their Whole Workday Counting Pills

Yes, the precise counting of pills is a very important part of any pharmacist’s job. However, the assumption that it’s a pharmacist’s only job is quite inaccurate. Here are some other main duties of a pharmacist, just to name a few:

  • Being the medication authority on any healthcare team
  • Advising pharmaceutical companies with their vast research
  • Giving physicians expert tips on prescriptions 
  • Teaching and training future pharmacists

Myth 2: Doctors Can’t be Pharmacists

This myth is wrong because you actually have to be a doctor to be a pharmacist. To practice pharmacy, you must earn a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree. While a medical doctorate requires much more education than a pharmacy degree, a pharmacist should still be respected as a doctor.

Myth 3: Students Must Earn a Bachelor’s Degree Before Going to Pharmacy School

Although most PharmD students have completed at least two years of college, the pathways to earning a PharmD are more vast than simply following the common Bachelor’s degree-to-pharmacy school route. Before applying to pharmacy school, it’s necessary for  prospective PharmD students to review each college’s requirements.

Myth 4: You Must Be a Chemistry Major to Attend Pharmacy School

The differing majors of PharmD students extend well beyond chemistry. In fact, biology majors make up around 20% of PharmD students, while nearly 70% were a broad mix of majors, from English studies to business, so you don’t have to start with a focus in a medical field to end in one. Ultimately, students of all backgrounds of study are welcomed and invited to explore their interests in a pharmacy career.

With the above myths officially busted, hopefully you now feel more informed and assured on how diverse and interesting a career in the pharmacy industry can be. 

Map Your Path to Becoming a Pharmacist

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