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Why You Should Consider Becoming a Preceptor

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Preceptor

Are you thinking about becoming a preceptor? Have you been offered the chance to take a preceptee under your wing? If you think preceptorship might be in your future, take a closer look at why it’s worth pursuing.

What Is a Nurse Preceptor?

Preceptors are experienced nurses who help train and support student nurses in the classroom and recent graduates on the job. Serving as a mentor, preceptors typically work with preceptees in a one-on-one relationship — full-time, part-time, or as a volunteer. After establishing expectations and getting introduced in an orientation, preceptors start taking on a number of new responsibilities:

  • Introducing a nurse to the practice or certain specialties
  • Supervising and offering feedback on a nurse’s performance
  • Communicate with the preceptee and answer questions
  • Encourage time management and decision-making skills

Becoming a Nurse Preceptor

The path to becoming a nurse preceptor looks a little different for everyone. While the requirements to apply for this type of position will vary by state and setting, there are a number of courses and a plethora of literature for aspiring preceptors. If you have specific questions or need advice on how to prepare for the role, consider reaching out to preceptors in your community.

Top 4 Benefits of Precepting   

Students and new nurses seek out preceptorships to learn, find support, and get advice, but preceptors themselves have a lot to gain from the relationship, too. Here are four benefits of precepting.

  1. Leadership skills

    As a preceptor, you’ll educate, guide, and support your preceptee, which will certainly enhance your confidence as a leader.

  2. Resume building

    The skills and experience you acquire as a preceptor make for a great addition to your resume.

  3. Ongoing education

    Taking on a preceptor and teaching them about the practice is a great way to sharpen your existing skills.

  4. Long-term relationships

    By helping a new nurse assimilate, understand their role, and find a work/life balance, preceptorship creates strong professional bonds.

Your Path to Preceptorship

Leaders and teachers, preceptors are an integral part of the nursing practice. Breaking into the role of preceptor might seem intimidating, but our team of healthcare recruiters at HealthCare Support are here to help. We have the experience and professional network to help you find openings where you can take on preceptorships and mentor other healthcare professionals. If you have any questions about our hiring process or want to join our talent network, contact HealthCare Support today at 888-219-6285.


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