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When Is World Pharmacist Day?

When Is World Pharmacist Day?

Mark your calendars for World Pharmacist Day on Sept. 25. The theme, “Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world,” aims to present the industry’s impact on global health and connect pharmacists worldwide. Read on to learn how you can show gratitude to pharmacists everywhere this World Pharmacist Day. 

What Is World Pharmacist Day?

World Pharmacist Day is a campaign created by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), an international organization representing pharmaceutical education and science. The FIP started World Pharmacist Day in 2009, creating an opportunity to promote pharmacists and their role in health worldwide. It honors these medical professionals, drawing attention to the advantages of the health they provide. 

Why Are We Celebrating Pharmacists?

In every corner of the world, pharmacists are creating a healthier society. They are the reason people get the best outcomes from medications. Pharmacists make the world better by using their knowledge, expertise, and reach. As accessible and quick-to-respond healthcare professionals, pharmacists are prepared to assist and answer any questions or concerns. 

So it’s no surprise there’s a day for celebrating them. World Pharmacist Day, filled with events and activities, reminds and motivates people to understand the importance of pharmacists everywhere. 

What Does World Pharmacist Day’s 2022 Theme Really Mean?

The theme changes yearly, but the date remains constant. The FID chose Sept. 25 because it was the day the organization started in 1912. Each year, there’s a new theme, giving those within the pharmaceutical industry a chance to highlight the outstanding efforts to improve health worldwide. 

This year’s theme, “United in action for a healthier world,” sheds light on how the world joins forces for health, despite conflicts or differences. The world is in the process of restoring vital health services rattled by COVID-19. This is no small feat, so pharmaceutical professionals must join forces to create a healthy planet.  

How to Show Your Appreciation

The goal of World Pharmacist Day is to raise awareness of pharmacists and their role in helping the world. Here are ways you can join the celebration: 

  1. Thank pharmacists for everything they do for you and your community.
  2. Support local pharmacies by purchasing medicines and other items as much as possible.
  3. Educate yourself on different aspects of being a pharmacist, inform those around you and encourage them to join in observing the day.

Showing gratitude to pharmaceutical professionals shouldn’t be a one-time occurence. Make these actions a habit every day.  

Thank You, Pharmacists!

To every pharmacist out there, thank you for your hard work in improving global health. You are an integral part of the community, and your impact continues to grow. 

At HealthCare Support, we recognize your impact. That’s why we’re committed to placing you in positions you love and can thrive in, because when pharmacists are fulfilled and growing, the whole community feels the positive effects. 

As a national staffing resource for the healthcare industry, we’ll help talented and passionate professionals like you get on the path to the career of your dreams. To learn more about our services and open pharmacist jobs , please give us a call at 888-219-6285. 

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