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What to Do If You Get Sick While on Assignment

What to Do If You Get Sick While on Assignment

It isn’t ideal for anyone to catch a serious illness, and it can be especially inconvenient if you’re sick while on assignment as a travel nurse. Being bedridden from illness means missing shifts and trying to recover on your own in an unfamiliar city. If you find yourself feeling under the weather while on assignment, here are tips on what you should do. 

Have an Emergency Plan In Place

You’re likely on your own when you head off to your next assignment. That means, if you get sick, you need to know how to take care of yourself. You can start by creating a plan in case of emergencies. At the start of your assignment, take time to outline the following:

  • Emergency contacts

    You need to know who to call when you aren’t feeling well and can’t work. In addition to having your loved ones’ numbers, keep the numbers of your on-site supervisor, doctor, and recruiter handy. 

  • Nearest care centers

    Know the locations of your local pharmacy, urgent care, and hospitals so you know exactly where to go if you need professional help. 

  • Medications

    If you need to book an appointment to see a doctor, come prepared with a list of medications you’re currently taking and their dosages. 

Take Paid Sick Leave

If you aren’t feeling your best, you can’t bring your best to your unit and your patients, so take time to rest. Depending on your contract and where you’re located, you could take paid sick leave. For example, some states let you accumulate sick pay based on how many hours you’ve worked, whereas other employers may require you to use sick pay 30 or 90 days after you start working.

Ask Your Recruiter for Tips

Missing a shift could impact your paycheck, if, for example, you’re paid for the hours you work. Additionally, if you call out too many times throughout your assignment, you could even get your contract terminated. Regardless, getting sick happens, so be sure you know and follow your call-off process. If you’re unsure about your options or what steps to take to ensure you’re responsibly taking time off, ask your recruiter for help. 

Lean on HealthCare Support for Help

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