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What to Bring On Your First Travel Nursing Assignment

What to Bring On Your First Travel Nursing Assignment

Packing for any trip can be a hassle because you never want to pack too little or too much. However, packing for your first travel nursing assignment can be very stressful because you’ll likely be gone and living out of your suitcase for an extended period of time. To figure out what you need to bring and avoid leaving essential items behind, here is a travel nurse packing checklist you can reference before hitting the road.

Items to Bring on Your Initial Travel Nursing Assignment

Personal documents

Official identification documentation is essential when traveling. Without them, you may risk a delay in your starting date. Before heading out to your first assignment, you should check with your travel nursing recruiter to find out what exact documents you need. For instance,  you will probably need to bring some or all of the following: 

  • Driver’s license
  • Certifications 
  • Proof of vaccines
  • Social security card
  • Proof of your physical exam from the past year
  • Front and back copies of all your active professional licenses as some states haven’t gone paperless
  • Proof of car insurance and registration, if driving
  • Contact information for the travel nurse company you work for

Electronic devices

In this day and age, fewer people forget their electronics at home. However, when you’re rushing out of your home to catch a plane or get on the road, you can easily overlook these essential items. Make sure you pack your cell phone, laptop, camera, or tablet and all their respective chargers in your bag.

Household items

Some temporary housing will provide you with a short supply of the household items you will need, such as cleaning supplies, silverware, pans, and bedsheets. However, these items will vary from location to location. It is important to ask what items your housing will provide so that you can bring or buy what you need for your temporary home.


The scrubs you bring are just as important as your regular clothing items. Check with your recruiter to see if the facility you go to will require specific scrubs you need to purchase or if what you have is good to bring. Aside from scrubs, pack clothes appropriate for the climate of the state you are traveling to. Make sure you pack a good mix of casual and formal items, but not too much so that it weighs down your luggage.

After a few travel nursing gigs under your belt, the packing process will be a breeze. To get started on your path to becoming a successful travel nurse, contact the professionals at HealthCare Support.

Prepare for Your First Travel Nursing Assignment With Us

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