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What Is American Pharmacists Month?

What Is American Pharmacists Month?

Pharmacists do much more than just fill and hand out medication. They are highly educated and trained to know the ins and outs of prescribing medications, discussing medication safety, and providing necessary consultation and outreach to patients. Most pharmacists are also trained to give tests and screenings. In addition, pharmacists can work in hospitals and work directly with doctors to identify the proper medications for patients. 

Therefore, the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), the largest pharmacist association in the United States, created American Pharmacists Month in 2004. Every October, pharmacists all over the country celebrate American Pharmacists Month to raise awareness for all that pharmacists do to help patients and support communities. 

How Can You Celebrate American Pharmacists Month?

We want to give recognition to all the pharmacists that help us and our loved ones get the care they need. There are many simple ways to support pharmacists, not just during American Pharmacists Month, but everyday. These include:

  • Saying “thank you”

    Tell your pharmacists that you appreciate their hard work. These moments of gratitude can happen in-person, or you can join in on the conversation digitally on any of these important dates:

    • Sept. 25 World Pharmacists Day #worldpharmacistday
    • Oct. 1 The Start of American Pharmacists Month 
    • Oct. 12 Women Pharmacist Day #womenpharmacistday
    • Oct. 20 National Pharmacy Technician Day #rxtechday
  • Giving a positive review

    Many people only give reviews if they have a negative experience. However, you should not take your positive experiences for granted. Instead, praise your pharmacist with a good online review that can benefit others. 

  • Staying on top of your health

    When you take care of yourself, it makes your pharmacists’ jobs much easier. 

Support Pharmacists Today and Everyday 

At HealthCare Support, we’re a national staffing resource for the healthcare industry helping talented, passionate professionals find a role they love. We are always recognizing pharmacists around the country and want to see them thrive in a position that is the best fit for them. If you need help getting on the right path to your ideal career, our dedicated team can offer you custom support. 

To learn more about our open pharmacy jobs and services, please give us a call at 888-219-6285.

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