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Ways to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

In March, employment grew in healthcare with an increase of 22,000 jobs, making the job market more competitive. There are now more open positions than there are qualified applicants to fill them, giving outstanding candidates the chance to choose from multiple job offers. If organizations seeking to hire new talent drag their feet during the hiring process, they will lose out on the opportunity to employ top talent.

Although organizations need to move quickly, it’s important that the organization’s talent acquisition specialists refrain from expediting the hiring process without correctly screening candidates or following proper protocol. Because in the long run, acceleration won’t matter if a company ends up with a bunch of bad hires that cost them time and money.

Here are six ways to speed up the hiring process and avoid the risk of losing out on the best candidates for your healthcare organization.

Start with a Clear Ad and Job Description

To improve your hiring process, you must start at the very beginning. Posting an ad or job description isn’t just to let potential employees know you have an open position. The real purpose is to explain your expectations for the role and attract the best candidates for the job.

Eliminate Unnecessary Steps

One of the biggest reasons individuals withdraw their applications is because the hiring process takes too long. Eliminating unnecessary steps helps you save time and allows you to beat out the competition for the most desirable candidates. Think about what each step accomplishes and evaluate whether or not you could remove or alter any of them. It’s also a good idea to see where candidates typically exit the process so you can determine which stages are helping you to move forward and which ones are hindering you.

Be Selective with Your Interviewees

Though most companies have a meticulous screening process (many beginning with phone interviews), there are still too many unqualified candidates being brought in for interviews. If only three to five resumes impress you, only call those three to five people to come in. Don’t feel the need to bring in more candidates just to increase your hiring chances. Scheduling more interviews doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a hire, and it also wastes more time. Instead, focus on the individuals with excellent skills who would fit in best with your company’s culture.

Keep Open Communication

Make sure each candidate understands the interviewing process and then provide them with an expected timeline. When changes occur, check in with the candidate to let them know. Not only will communicating with them make the entire process a more pleasing one, but it will also encourage the candidate to stick around until the end.

Keep Candidates in a Hiring Pool

A person you interview may not fit the role you’re currently filling, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be perfect for a different position in the future. Maintaining a good relationship with applicants from the start can help you acquire a hiring pool full of talented candidates. This enables you to speed up your recruiting process later on because you’ll already have a bunch of screened, qualified, and interested candidates you can reach out to.

Outsource Parts of the Hiring Process

Whether you have limited recruiting resources or are overwhelmed with juggling all aspects of the business, partnering with a healthcare staffing agency can help with the hiring and onboarding process, ensuring you reach your hiring goals.

Making even the smallest of adjustments can help your company save a significant amount of time and money while gaining the perfect match for your business.

At HealthCare Support (HSS), we move quickly to place administrative to executive level professionals in both clinical and nonclinical areas. Our national niche recruitment firm focuses solely on healthcare so you can rest assured you’re getting quality candidates. For more information, contact us today by calling 407-478-0332 or by filling out our contact us form online.

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