Travel Nurse Contract Checklist: Top Items to Review |

Travel Nurse Contract Checklist: Top Items to Review

Travel Nurse Contract Checklist

From when and where you’ll be working to how much you’ll earn and how often you’ll get paid, your travel nursing contract should lay out every detail regarding your next assignment. Before you accept, decline, or start negotiating, take a look at the five most important items to review in your contract.

Start and End Date

Considering the arrangements you may have to make before your assignment, verbal confirmation of the start and end date isn’t sufficient on its own. Knowing the timeframe of your contract and having it in writing can help you make necessary preparations, such as:

  • Giving notice to your current employer
  • Organizing family affairs
  • Arranging travel and lodging

Ensure that these dates are listed in your contact according to what you previously discussed with the nurse manager.

Pay Period and Rate

When looking over your contract, check for not only the pay rate but also the pay period. Details regarding sick pay — the rate and length of availability — will likely also be listed in this area of the document. In or around this section, check for a disclosed quarantine policy to see whether you’ll be compensated if required to self-isolate at any point during your assignment.

Scheduled Time Off

Do you have a vacation planned during your contract or certain days that you will be unavailable to work? Discuss these with the hiring manager during your interview. When you receive your contract, double check to make sure the dates you requested are included and accurate.

Shift to Work

For some travel nurses, having an ideal shift can make or break contracts. Whether you’re working 12-hour nights or rotating shifts, it should be clearly defined and in writing. If the details don’t align with what you’re looking for or what you previously discussed with the nurse manager, negotiate the assignment or consider another option.

License Reimbursement

If you’re being asked to travel to a new state for an assignment, check your contract to see whether license or certification reimbursement is listed. Reach out to your main point of contact to inquire about whether it can be added if it isn’t included. Some contracts may offer a reimbursement up-front or after you incur the expense.

Healthcare Recruiters Are Here to Help

Navigating travel nursing contracts is critical but sometimes complicated. To have a professional healthcare recruiter by your side throughout the job search process, join the talent network at HealthCare Support. From the right location to the ideal pay rate, our goal is to find travel nursing assignments that perfectly match your preferences. For more information on reviewing travel nursing contracts or to join our talent network, call HealthCare Support at 888-219-6285.

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