Tips for Travel Nursing with Your Family |

Tips for Travel Nursing with Your Family

Tips for Travel Nursing with Your Family

Balancing work and family life can be difficult regardless of what career you’re in. This is especially true if your job requires you to travel often, such as travel nursing. If you have a family and are considering becoming a traveling nurse, here are some things that you can do to make the journey easier for you and your family.

Include Your Family in Your Decision

Even if you’re dead set on becoming a traveling nurse, if your family is coming along for the ride, it is incredibly important to consider their wants and needs as well. While it may be obvious to discuss your career move with your spouse, it is also important to ask your kids about how they feel. Having a formal conversation about the matter will help you to address any concerns or insecurities they may have about moving around. By consulting with your family instead of just springing the news on them, they are much more likely to adjust well to your new career and the lifestyle that comes with it.

Take Inventory of Your Belongings

From toys and furniture to appliances and electronics, families accumulate many items over time. However, life as a travel nurse requires a fair amount downsizing. Therefore, you should consider taking inventory of all of the items in your household before you hit the road. Unless you are going to get a storage unit, you’re likely going to have to sell or give many things away, because, when traveling, the less baggage you have the better.

Establish a Sense of Home

No matter where you go, it is important to remember that it’s a place that you and your family are going to call home for a period of time. So, once you start your new job, it is important to remember to create a sense of home for your family. Throughout your workday, check in with your family as you can to see how they are doing. When you’re off the clock, stay off the clock and spend some time with your family to help them adjust. Visit new restaurants and parks in the area so that they can become familiar with their new surroundings.

Supporting You and Your Career Needs

When managing your career as a traveling nurse gets difficult, having a little bit of support can make all the difference. At HealthCare Support, one of the top national staffing resources for those in healthcare, our staff is dedicated to helping talented professionals in all of their career-related needs. From helping you land a short-term job to getting you closer to a long-term career, our vast professional network and dedicated team of healthcare experts can provide you with the support you need to move forward in your healthcare journey.

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