Tips for Travel Nursing With a Friend or Within a Group |

Tips for Travel Nursing With a Friend or Within a Group

Tips for Travel Nursing With a Friend or Within a Group

One of the most fun aspects of being a travel nurse is being assigned to a new location and getting to explore a new area. However, a great way to make the experience of travel nursing even more fun is by being on assignment with a friend, or a group of them. 

Here are some tips on how to travel with a friend or within a group as a travel nurse. 

Get Group Assignments 

Before you decide to travel with a friend, you must first land jobs in the same area. While hospitals aren’t always specifically looking for teams of nurses, if you let your recruiter know that you’d like to find an assignment together, they will likely be able to suggest hospitals with multiple openings. The key here is to remain patient and stay flexible. 

That said, while you should definitely try to find assignments at the same location, try to avoid overlapping in other places. For example, try to avoid competing for the same specialty. Furthermore, it is important to be flexible with your schedule and not to necessarily expect to be working at the same time as your friend. 

Be a Considerate Roommate 

If you are on assignment with a friend, you are likely going to be living together. If this is the case, it is incredibly important to sit down with your travelling companion and future roommate to find a place that works for you both. Also, be sure to figure out before the move if you have compatible living styles by discussing your expectations for living together. 

It would be unfortunate to move into a rental or hotel together only to find out that one prefers an impeccably clean space while the other likes a more lived-in home. Assignments can last a while, so once you express your expectations to each other be sure to respect them. 

Adventure Together 

While you may be traveling for work, don’t forget to enjoy the area and adventure together. After you have your schedules, compare them to see when you and your friends have time off. Then, depending on how much overlapping free time you have, try to plan both small and big adventures. This can include anything from picking a day every week to try a new restaurant to planning a weekend trip to a nearby city.

Furthermore, adventuring together does not just mean taking small trips after you arrive at your assignment. Road-tripping or caravanning to your assignment can be a wonderful start to your journey together if it is convenient for everyone in the group. 

Reach Your Healthcare Goals Together 

At the end of the day, one of the greatest benefits to traveling with a group of travel nurses is that you will have a support system on the road that will understand the highs and lows of your career. However, if you need a little extra support, the knowledgeable team at HealthCare Support is here to help. 

HealthCare Support is a healthcare staffing resource that is perfect for those looking for both short-term jobs and long-term careers. With the help of our staff of experts and our vast professional network, we can help you and your friends take the next step towards your ideal careers. For more information on our open jobs and services, call us at 888-219-6285 today.

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