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Tips for New Nurses

Tips for new nurses

You’ve finally earned your nursing degree, passed the licensing test and landed your first nursing job. Congratulations! That’s no small achievement. However, as you are likely aware, the real working world can be somewhat different from the classroom. Below are just a few tips that will help you make that transition from student nurse to working nurse.

  1. Nurture your passion

    . Many nursing educators agree that having a passion for nursing is what sets the truly gifted nurses apart from the rest. As you develop your career never stop learning and seeking new ways to be your best. Be willing to put in the time and extra hours to excel.

  2. Learn critical thinking skills.

    No day is ever like another in nursing, and the best nurses are those who can adapt easily and “think outside the box.” Nurses need to be able to quickly evaluate a situation and see how it relates to the patient, his or her family and even to the community as a whole.

  3. Embrace new technology

    . Few industries have added more technology in the past decade as health care. Even as a brand new nurse, you’ll not likely be familiar with every way that new technology can make your job easier. From online training classes to apps that allow you to interact with patients, make sure to be open to these time-saving and beneficial new products as they are introduced.

  4. Develop mentoring relationships

    . The best way to learn about your new career is to tap into the hard-earned knowledge and experience of someone who has worked in your job for years. Look for more experienced nurses or nursing supervisors to take you under their wings. These people can be found at work as well as at networking events and within professional associations.

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