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Revenue cycle managers/directors

The revenue cycle manager/director will play an important role in the financial management of our healthcare organization. You will manage revenue cycle accountants and develop strategies to maximize profitability while maintaining regulatory compliance and a high standard of patient care.

We’re looking for an experienced revenue cycle manager/director in the field of healthcare finance to provide the overall direction and oversight in support of departmental initiatives and goals. The manager/director must also meet the needs of leadership and operational performance goals.

Responsibilities for Revenue Cycle Managers/Directors

A competitive candidate for this position exhibits strengths in leadership, financial strategy, and data management. Daily responsibilities include:

  • Team management and support
  • Data analysis
  • Financial strategy development
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Operations and process management
  • Working with key stakeholders
  • Optimizing revenue cycle performance

We expects revenue cycle managers/directors to transform insights into actionable information the business can use to grow and maintain a reputation of excellence.

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