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How To Become a Pharmacist

Pharmacists are the human encyclopedias of medication; they assist in the healing process by filling our prescriptions and furthering our care during recovery. The field of pharmacy is a noble profession that requires advanced education, licensing, and certification. While becoming … Continue reading

Tips for Your First Day in a New Pharmacy Job

The first day at a new job can be both exciting and intimidating. Starting a new pharmacy job is no different. However, you can ease your nerves by being well-prepared and taking steps to ensure you’re ready for the big … Continue reading

Consider Extending Your Travel Nurse Assignment

Travel nurse assignments typically last 13 weeks. With part of it spent training and adjusting to a new facility, you’ll reach the end of your assignment before you know it. If the length of your assignment was too short for … Continue reading

The Ins & Outs of a Medical Office Assistant

What Does a Medical Office Assistant Do? Regardless of location, size, or specialty, every medical office needs a medical office assistant — and most often, they need more than just one. Despite the already large and consistently growing need for … Continue reading

5 Phrases You May Be Using Incorrectly

It’s no secret that proper grammar should be used in the workplace. Good grammar not only makes you appear more professional, but it also ensures your ideas and messages are conveyed with clarity. Poor grammar can do just the opposite … Continue reading

Using a Temporary Assignment to Land a Permanent Position

Temporary employment has seen tremendous increase over the past few years, especially in healthcare. Many industries, including retail and healthcare, experience increased personnel needs several times a year, be it for a special assignment, auditing or due to a seasonal … Continue reading

Physical Therapy Assistant

A physical therapy assistant works directly with physical therapists to provide physician-directed rehabilitation and treatments to patients. The primary function of PTAs is to administer suggested treatments to the patient and carry out routine maintenance of their progress. In addition … Continue reading

Director/Manager Of Pharmacy

A pharmacy manager oversees the day-to-day tasks of the pharmacy operations and manages all staff within the department, ensuring that prescriptions are being filled, that staff members complete their assigned duties, and local, and federal procedures have been followed. The … Continue reading

Laboratory Supervisor/Manager

A laboratory supervisor/manager in the medical field is responsible for overseeing day to day activities in the laboratory. This includes supervision of laboratory personnel, quality assurance, and overseeing the collection, analyzing and ultimate use of lab data. There are generally … Continue reading

The Impact of Body Language

Something so little as a slouched posture can decide someone’s fate of getting their dream job. But is that how it should be? Most bad body language happens when people are stressed and uncomfortable, and these feelings come out during … Continue reading