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Questions to Ask a Travel Nurse Recruiter

questions to ask a travel nurse recruiter

Recruiters educate and mentor travel nurses before, during and after travel assignments, so reaching out to one is a great way to have support as you take on more assignments and grow in your career. To have a successful partnership, it’s important to learn if your recruiter and the agency they work with align with what you’re looking for. You can find out by doing your  research and asking your travel nurse recruiter specific questions that pertain to your  career.

Ask About Your Recruiter’s Experiences

You can get a general understanding of a recruitment agency through your own personal research, but what you learn online can be different from what you learn through a conversation. Asking your recruiter about the company culture, their experience and approach on placements, and any available opportunities are great questions to ask during your initial conversation. 

Learn if Your Recruiter Can Serve You

Remember, recruiters are here to support you and your career, so ask questions that will help you understand how they can serve you. When you first connect with a recruiter, consider asking these questions:

  • How long have you been a recruiter with this agency? 
  • What’s your experience been like?
  • Do you have any testimonials from previous clients? 
  • Why should I work with your agency? 
  • What opportunities are available to me as a travel nurse? 
  • Why are these facilities looking for travel nurses instead of permanent staff? 

Get to Know How You Will Be Supported as a Travel Nurse

If you feel you’re at a good place to move forward with your recruiter and next placement, learn what you should expect throughout your assignment. These questions for your recruiter can help you figure out what you need to know:

  • How can I contact you while I’m on the job? 
  • Should I expect any training before I start my assignment? 
  • How will my housing and travel expenses be handled? 
  • How will you work to support my goals and career success throughout the assignment? 

Discuss the Details of Your Opportunity

On top of covering the basic details of your placement, such as its assignment length, it’s important to find out additional details so you know exactly what you’re signing up for. This includes compensation, benefits, and hours you’re working. To learn more about your placement, ask your recruiter the following questions:

  • What type of benefits do I have as a travel nurse? 
  • What insurance is included?
  • Should I anticipate any overtime pay, completion bonuses, or referral bonuses?
  • Will I be earning my money through a direct deposit?
  • Are there any opportunities for me to be reimbursed for my continuing education (CE) classes?

Bring Up Any Additional Concerns 

If this is your first travel assignment, don’t be afraid to share any hesitations or concerns with your recruiter. If this isn’t your first travel assignment, think back to any bumps in the road you’ve experienced in the past and ask your recruiter how they can support you if you run into any trouble. Some questions you can ask include:

  • If I get sick, have an emergency, or for some other reason can’t complete my assignment, what happens? 
  • What should I anticipate if I experience any problems with travel or housing arrangements?
  • If another opportunity arises while I’m on this assignment, how will you support me?

Connect With a Supportive Recruiter Today

Your recruiter should champion you through your entire assignment so make sure you work with someone who’s ready to be your advocate as you grow in your travel nurse career. HealthCare Support is a national staffing resource that supports the professional, personal and financial goals of passionate healthcare professionals. With compassionate guidance and highly responsive support, our dedicated team can help you thrive in your new job and home. We’ll place you in a role and location you’ll love and be there for you every step of the way as you take on your assignment.

To connect with our team, please give us a call at 888-219-6285. 

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