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Qualities of a Great Candidate

While education, certifications and computer program knowledge often make up a large portion of hiring decisions, other things like character traits can be of equal importance.

Drive or ambition is probably the most sought-after trait in an employee and the one that most closely correlates with a quality candidate. Someone with ambition knows where they want to go in life and have the drive to get them there. These individuals can usually answer short-term and long-term goal questions without hesitation and often exceed employer expectations.

Humility and Positivity are just as important and people with these qualities tend to work better in teams and bounce back from shortcomings faster. These employees make great leaders. When issues arise, which they will, these individuals search for the root of the problem and find the solution instead of placing the blame elsewhere.

Reliability is a key ingredient to trust and large part of how and employee becomes a long-term employee. People with this quality typically progress faster in their career because their supervisors can trust them to complete the work and respect their opinions. They live up to their word and are transparent with information that may impact their plans or promises.

Displaying these highly coveted qualities during an interview can differentiate you from the competition and can ultimately give you the upper hand in a head to head race for the job. Our recruiters are trained to look for these same attributes to provide our clients with quality options. If you have the skills for the job and qualities of a great candidate, the only thing you are missing is a great employment partner like HealthCare Support! Let us work with you and open the door to new opportunities with great companies!

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