Pharmacy Terminology You Need to Know |

Pharmacy Terminology You Need to Know

Pharmacy Terminology You Need to Know

Most of what you learn about your career is learned while on the job; this fact goes for pharmacists, too. While you may have practiced medical terminology in school, mastering a pharmacy-specific vocabulary is now critical to your daily professional life. Some terminology involves names of medicine, some are types of procedures, others are slang that pharmacists use around the office.

After some time on the job, these new terms will become second nature; however, in the meantime, here are some of the most important pharmacy terms you will need to know.

Important Pharmacy Terminology

  • Antagonist “Antagonist” isn’t just the bad guy in your favorite novel. In the world of pharmacy, an antagonist refers to a drug that binds to the receptor, blocking the action transmitted by neurotransmitters through neutral receptors. This is the opposite of an “agonist” drug, which stops the receptor from creating a response. 
  • Analgesic – An analgesic is an umbrella term for painkillers such as ibuprofen, aspirin, morphine, and others.. 
  • Rx – Rx is shorthand for prescription, derived from an abbreviation of the Latin word for recipe. Therefore, an Rx is a pharmacists’ perfectly-created recipe for a patient: the medication, directions on how and when to take it, and how many to take.
  • Orange Book – An important manual for pharmacists, the Orange Book is officially titled “Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations.” Published by the FDA, it is a set of rules and directions to help pharmacists choose generic substitutions for medication. 
  • Compounding – Compounding is when a licensed pharmacist combines ingredients in a drug, or multiple drugs, to create an Rx specifically targeted to the needs of a patient.
  • Batch Preparation – This term refers to the process of crafting a large batch of a single medication in order to have a stock of the product on hand when needed.
  • Absorption Rate – A pretty simple, yet, very important term in pharmaceuticals, absorption rate is how long it takes for a drug to hit the bloodstream.

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