Must-Haves for Your Healthcare Resume |

Must-Haves for Your Healthcare Resume

Must-Haves for Your Healthcare Resume

Few people enjoy writing and updating resumes. Fortunately for those in the healthcare field, you have an advantage over others. Job requirements tend to be more clearly defined in healthcare positions, which should make writing a resume easier and more enjoyable. Here are some things that any applicant in the healthcare field should have on their resume.


Be sure to include very specific information about any degrees, licensing, certifications, or specialized training and experience. This is a common area that employers use to narrow down a field of candidates.

Previous Employment 

The last 10 years of experience is what we look for. We like to see the month and year you started and left each position along with at least 3 bullet points describing your responsibilities in that role. Bullet points are a great tool to make a well -constructed resume that’s eye catching and easy to read.

A Demonstration of Responsibility 

While it’s great to note on your resume that you held a leadership role at your last place of employment, you should get even more specific than that. Include the number of people that were under your supervision and any significant achievements. Recruiters and hiring managers love this type of information.

Applicable Skills 

Especially if your previous employment was in a different industry, you need to make sure a prospective employer recognizes the value of your experience. The best way to do this is to highlight any skills you used in your previous position that would benefit you in a new one.

Contact Information 

What good is the perfect resume if an employer can’t get ahold of you? Make it easy for them by including your full name, full address, applicable phone numbers, and a professional email address.
Including this information on your resume will help you stand out amongst your peers. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-constructed resume – it truly is invaluable in your search for employment.

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