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Motivate Your Team for Shared Success

keeping your employees motivated

Managing people can be a thankless job– as a manager, it’s often difficult to find the balance between being well-liked and taking care of business. One important part of being a great manager is keeping employees motivated. But how? There are several things that a manager can do to maintain their employee’s happiness and productivity. Here are three tips to help improve your employee relationships and encourage success.

Be honest

Being transparent and accessible is a great start for maintaining Being open to your employee’s feedback makes them feel valued, as does keeping them informed of the bigger picture. If an employee feels like they’re toiling away or only do busy work, they won’t share your passion. Get them invested in succeeding as a team.

Reward their hard work

If your employees are doing a spectacular job, tell them. Share it with the whole team but also take the time to meet with them one-on-one. Are they gunning for a promotion or more responsibility? Understanding and encouraging their drive is a win-win situation for the employee and the company.

Show personal interest

Being nice is one thing, but learning about your team is a whole new ball game. Take time to get to know your employees and learn about them– what they do out of work and what makes them happy. Showing genuine interest in your employees is respectful, and a respectful manager gets respect in return.

Getting to know your team, being available and rewarding their efforts are all building blocks for a motivated staff. You need them to succeed, and vice-versa, which is why creating a mutual respect is the best way to get stuff done, together.

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