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Medical Technologist

Medical Technologist

A Medical Technologist, also sometimes known as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, performs clinical laboratory testing on bodily fluids and tissues, including urine, blood, cervical spinal fluid, and all types of bodily tissue samples in order to assist with diagnosis and treatment.

Core tasks and responsibilities of a Medical Technologist include:

  • Performing tests of varying complexity in accordance with all state, federal, and other applicable regulations
  • Reports and interprets test results
  • Processing specimens and logs requisitions as needed
  • Performing quality control testing
  • Maintains automated chemistry, hematology, coagulation, and urinalysis instrumentation as required
  • Working with physicians to analyze results and conduct difficult, non-routine tests
  • Consult with medical laboratory technicians and phlebotomists as required
  • Assist in orienting and mentoring new staff members
  • Compliance with all applicable legal requirements, standards, and procedures

Required Qualifications

  • Most entry-level positions will require a Bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory technology, or a related field like biology or chemistry
  • Some positions may accept an equivalent combination of education, certification, training, or experience as a replacement for a Bachelor’s degree
  • A valid Medical Technology License in your state of residence
  • Ability to communicate effectively through written and oral means
  • Be able to establish and build cooperative working relationships with coworkers

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