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Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

LinkedIn is one of the biggest networking platforms across the globe. Many people have LinkedIn, yet some don’t know the right way to utilize it. When you’re scrolling through, you can see how much effort goes into making a nice profile. Here are some ways to make your LinkedIn page stand out:

  1. A Neat, Professional Photo

This is huge because companies want to hire someone who looks professional and mature. They don’t want to go to your ‘business’ profile and see your picture is an overly edited picture of you in college with your friends cropped out. Dress up in business attire, go outside, and have someone take a nice picture of you.

  1. Have Patience and Be Detail-Oriented

When you are putting together your profile, take your time. Have your profile be as meticulous as your resume. Use proper grammar and include useful information that you’ll want people to see. The more complete your profile is, the better your odds of someone finding you.

  1. URL Game Strong

Have your own custom URL so it’s easy for people to find your profile. Keep in mind that people might ask for your LinkedIn URL when you’re applying for jobs.

  1. Catchy Title

The first thing a person looks at on your profile is your picture and your title. They are both at the top of the page so it’s hard to miss. You want your title to stand out, be memorable, and benefit the viewer. Here’s a tip: have someone that knows you write it!

  1. Make it Look Nice

If you were looking for a potential candidate for your company, would you rather connect with someone whose LinkedIn profile looks messy or someone’s that looks pristine? People relate their LinkedIn page to the actual person. If your page is a disaster, they’ll think the person is as well. Appearance is everything. Keep it organized with bullet points and hyphens. Make it easy to read.

  1. Endorsements

Use your endorsements. Ask people who you’ve worked with to endorse you. It’s a great way to show off your skills, especially if you lack experience for a certain job.

  1. Contacts

Always have your email, phone number, and website on your profile. That way people can easily reach you. In privacy settings, check to see if you profile can “be viewed by anyone”. This will make sure anyone can get a hold of you and not just your 1st contacts.

  1. Connections!

LinkedIn only works when you have connections! Don’t be afraid to search people, companies, and people from your college. If you’re looking to work for a certain company, follow and friend people from there. But don’t just friend them, add a little note to the request. Something so far as, “Hi, my name is *John Doe* and I am very interested in working for *insert company here*. I’d like to buy you some coffee to talk about some potential opportunities and ask for some advice on how you got started”, could go a long way. What do you have to lose?

LinkedIn has helped many people land their dream job. Follow these steps and you’ll land yours too!

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