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HSS Olympics

At the end of each quarter our employees are treated to a company event and sales meeting, with themes from Whirlyball to Family Feud. For third quarter the 31st Summer Olympic Games made picking our theme easy! From August 9th to the 18th we ran a two week contest titled “HSS Olympics” that consisted of sports themed metric and endurance contests. Prizes were presented up front so the stakes were high and the competition was on!

The most notable contest happened on Cycling Day when we focused on duration and endurance by measuring employee retention and perfecting our techniques. For fun we held a contest for the longest wall-sit and after 20+ seemingly exhausting minutes we were forced to call a 3-way tie when not even the shakes could get our competitive crew to throw in the towel. Each day followed suit with an interactive contest. At the end of the two weeks teams added up all of the medals they had earned and the three teams with the most medals were able to choose from Orlando City Soccer tickets, Aquatica Amusement Park tickets and dinner at a restaurant of their choosing.

Just following the HSS Olympics we held an Olympics themed Sales Meeting titled “Train Like an Athlete” and turned our focus to our Sales Team. Account Managers were broken up into five teams and named after the five winning countries from the Summer Olympics. Each team was given a scenario and had 1 hour to prepare for a client meeting where they presented their pitch to our Leadership Team who acted as clients. After each team presented open discussion and best practices ensued.

The following day the entire company met at a local campground for an all-fun, no-work Olympic party to end our quarter. Teams rotated among ten different games including basketball, tether-ball, wrecking ball and corn-hole. Employees enjoyed food and drinks on the company and winners were awarded with gift cards. The Olympic games may only happen once every four years, but there’s a chance the HSS Olympics will happen annually after how much fun we had!

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