How to Make New Friends as a Travel Nurse |

How to Make New Friends as a Travel Nurse

How to Make New Friends as a Travel Nurse

When you’re adventuring in a new city and focused on thriving in your career as a traveling healthcare professional, it can be difficult to make time for socializing. However, if you’re proactive about connecting with people, your efforts can lead to lifelong friendships.

Here are some tips on the easiest ways you can begin to make friends as a traveling healthcare worker.

Take a Meal Break with Your Coworkers 

Making friends on the job doesn’t just help improve your personal life, but it can also make for a more enjoyable work day. When it’s time for you to take a break for lunch (or even breakfast and dinner, depending on the hours of your shift), don’t be afraid to join or talk to your coworkers in the cafeteria or break room. Not only will you begin to befriend whoever you’re working with, but you can also take this opportunity to learn about the area. Over food, try asking for restaurant recommendations, local hot spots or any other must-visit places in your new neighborhood. You can even ask them if they’d like to hang out and unwind in those spots after work.

Attend Community Events

From in-person meetups to virtual events, there will always be something new happening in your area — you just have to look. Do a quick search on Eventbrite or Facebook events for any types of events that you’re interested in and mark them in your calendar. You can also join Facebook community groups to ask what’s happening in the area. Once you’re at the event, be open to who you may connect with. You’re likely to share similar interests with the attendees, so use that as a starting point in conversations. 

Visit the Dog Park

If you’re traveling with your pup while you’re on assignment, head over to your local dog park. While your pup is playing and making friends, you can make friends of your own by getting to know fellow pet parents. It’ll be a win-win for the both of you. 

Sign Up for a Friend-Meeting App

Friend-meeting apps are an easy way to talk and meet with people in your area. Like dating apps, you can make a profile with photos, write a short bio, and swipe right on who you want to connect with. Bumble BFF and Friender are some of the most popular friend-meeting apps out there. Other friend-meeting apps specify who you can meet. For example, Hey! VINA is designed for women to hang out with other women, and if you’re in need of a running or exercise buddy in your new town, ATLETO helps you find people based on your favorite sports or exercise habits. 

Reach Out to Your Recruiter 

If making friends is important to you during your assignment, communicate that to your recruiter and they can do what they need to to help you make those connections. Your recruiter may know of other traveling healthcare professionals that are in your area, or they may also be aware of networking events, such as seminars or conferences. 

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