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How to Eat Healthy When You Are a Traveler

How to eat healthy as a travel nurse

When traveling on vacation, it is okay to enjoy less healthy foods at restaurants because you are constantly on-the-go. And, besides, eating while on vacation can be written-off as a short term indulgence. However, if you travel frequently for work, as many healthcare professionals do, it is important to consider the foods that you’re eating when away from home. 

Here are some ways traveling healthcare professionals can eat healthy and stay healthy while on assignment. 

Travel With Healthy Snacks 

It is well known that good snacks are a staple of any travel situation. However, snacks often fall into a category of food that is known for its empty calories. Therefore, if you’re looking for a more health-conscious travel snack, consider those that will fuel you throughout your day and keep you feeling fuller for longer, like cheese sticks or mini cheese wheels, instead of snacks that will only fill you up temporarily, like a bag of chips. With real cheese snacks, you can also enjoy all of the added benefits of dairy, like increased bone and muscle health. 

Choose Restaurants Carefully 

It is a common experience to crave a dish at a restaurant, only to see that its calorie count is almost double the number of calories you should be eating in a single day. While it is okay to enjoy those meals from time to time, it is best not to do it too often if you travel for work. Instead, if you are going to eat at a restaurant, choose a place with healthy options on the menu, like a restaurant that will give you the option to choose grilled chicken over fried. 

Get Proper Accommodations 

When traveling for work, you should try to eat out about as much as you would at home. This can be difficult because when on assignment, you likely won’t have access to a full kitchen. This is why it is important to look for accommodations that offer kitchen upgrades, which are available in most hotel suites. Make sure your hotel room at least has a mini fridge so you can store healthy snacks and groceries. While you likely won’t be able to cook, you can still keep fresh ingredients for cold meals like salads, sandwiches, and healthy wraps in your room to pack for lunch.

Bring Your Own Cookware

Packing a large cooler, preferable one with wheels and a handle, can help if your place lacks a sizable refrigerator. With your own large cooler, you can store healthy perishable items that won’t fit in a hotel minifridge and keep them cool by refilling your cooler daily with free ice from the hotel ice machine. Another great tip to manage your healthy eating habits is to bring an air fryer. With a portable, electric air fryer, you can crisp, cook, and fry a wide variety of dinners and sides to make balanced and budget-friendly meals while traveling.

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