How to Book Housing When Travel Nursing |

How to Book Housing When Travel Nursing

How to Book Housing When Travel Nursing

A big part of making the most of your travel nurse journey is knowing where you will live next. When it comes to housing, travel nurses have two options: agency-paid housing, which involves an agency figuring out housing for you; and stipend pay housing, which means you will receive a stipend to make your own housing arrangements.

Since you will have professional support and will not have to worry about utilities, availability, or security deposits, agency-paid housing is significantly less stressful. However, with stipend housing, you will have complete control and responsibility to determine where you live. Regardless of which option you lean towards more, you have a say in where and how you want to live. Below is what you need to keep in mind when booking your housing as a travel nurse.

3 Tips for Booking Housing as a Travel Nurse

  1. Plan with the length of your assignment in mind. Your assignment length can influence where and how you want to live. If it is a short assignment, staying in a hotel or rental space may be a reasonable option for you.
    1. To book a shorter stay, reliable resources include sites like AirBnB, known for hosting vacation rentals, or Travelodge, which caters to traveling professionals by offering daily, weekly, and monthly rates.
    2. For extended placements, long term stays in apartment or house subleases could be your best bet. To find open availability, try searching Facebook Groups, such as Travel Nursing: Places/Rooms for Rent. You can also browse through Extended Stay America to book a place in your assigned location.
  2. Live in a furnished home. Keep in mind that locking in housing can mean leasing an unfurnished home. To make sure you live comfortably throughout your placement, check out Furnished Finder, a site dedicated to renting out completely furnished spaces to travel nurses and other traveling professionals.
  3. Join loyalty programs. As a travel nurse, you may see yourself frequently staying in hotels at every new placement. If you see yourself consistently checking in to the same hotel chain, consider signing up for a loyalty program to get the most of each stay. The points you earn can add up to free or discounted stays, room upgrades, dining experiences, and more.

Let Someone You Trust Find You Housing 

Don’t let housing details stress you out or keep you from making the most of your travel placement. If you’re ready to travel to the places that need you most, then we’re ready to get you on the road to your next great adventure.

As a premiere, national staffing resource, HealthCare Support places talented and passionate healthcare professionals like you in dream roles and dream locations across the country. We’ll work with you to place you in the role that aligns with your goals, help you settle into a new home and stay by your side to support you throughout your entire assignment. To learn more about our open jobs and services, please give us a call at 888-219-6285.

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