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How to Become a Travel Nurse

How to Become a Travel Nurse

Travel nurses are medical professionals who are employed by nursing staffing agencies rather than hospitals. From local hospitals to national placements, travel nurses can choose where to work, usually in 13-week-long assignments. Some of the benefits of working as a travel nurse include: high compensation, high demand, and the opportunity to see different parts of the country. If this sounds like a career path you’d love, keep reading to find out how to pursue it.

Travel Nurse Requirements

  • Education

If you are interested in learning how to become a travel nurse, education is the first step. Usually, working as a travel nurse will require a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. While it is possible to find work with an Associate Degree in Nursing, keep in mind that it may limit your earning potential and job opportunities. 

  • Licensure

A registered nurse license is required for whichever state you choose to practice within. If you happen to have an RN license from a state that is part of the Enhanced Nursing Licensure Compact, then you can practice in any other eNLC states without requiring additional licensing. If you are interested in working in a non-eNLC state, you will need to get a RN for that state prior to your contract.

  • Certifications

Though the specific certifications required may vary based on the job and hospital you choose, all nurses will need a basic life support certification. You will also likely need a certification in pediatric advanced life support or advanced cardiovascular life support. Further certifications can contribute to a higher income or help secure a contract.

  • Experience

Learning how to become a travel nurse requires experience. In general, you will need a minimum of two years of bedside experience to qualify for travel nursing. Keep in mind, the more experience you have the more competitive you will be as a candidate.

Healthcare Recruiters Can Help You Land Your First Assignment

After you’ve learned how to become a travel nurse, your next step is to look for work. Once you are qualified to work as a travel nurse, it is important to find a healthcare recruiter to help find you a job. There are a lot of considerations to be made when finding and negotiating a contract. A recruiter will help guide you through this process by finding specific job opportunities and negotiating your contract to make sure all your needs are met on factors like vacation, sick leave, and shift scheduling. 

Start Your Career With HealthCare Support 

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