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How To Become a Pharmacist

How To Become a Pharmacist

Pharmacists are the human encyclopedias of medication; they assist in the healing process by filling our prescriptions and furthering our care during recovery. The field of pharmacy is a noble profession that requires advanced education, licensing, and certification. While becoming a pharmacist may seem a bit daunting, the steps to success are actually quite clear. 

Steps to Becoming a Pharmacist

  • Get a Bachelor’s Degree or Enroll in a Pre-Pharmacy Program

To become a licensed pharmacist, you’re going to need a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. To attain that degree, you will need to enroll in either a four-year bachelor’s program or a two-year pre-pharmacy program. Both are recognized, so it is up to you and your timeline on which path you should take.

  • Pass the PCAT 

In order to apply to a Doctor of Pharmacy program, you are going to have to submit your PCAT score. The PCAT is the Pharmacy College Admission Test. Is goal is to test your knowledge on all things pharmacy, including:

  1. Biological & Chemical Processes
  2. Critical Reading
  3. Quantitative Reasoning
  • Attain a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree

This step is what really sets your future in pharmacy in motion. Earning a Doctor of Pharmacy degree is what you will need to be recognized in the field of pharmacy. However, they consist of four-year programs, so settle in.

  • Get Licensed

After graduating with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, you’ve got one more step to become a certified pharmacist — getting licensed. Passing the NAPLEX (North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam) will get you the licensing you need to get to work as a certified pharmacist.

  • Explore Your Pharmacy Career Options

Pharmacists are often employed in places outside of a corner store pharmacy. While grocery, retail, personal health, and department stores are most common places of employment, pharmaceutical manufacturers and universities are also possible employers for a pharmacist.

It’s an exciting world out there for a pharmacist and your career possibilities are vast and diverse. If you’ve got the dedication the position takes and a support system of healthcare staffing specialists in your corner, then a successful pharmacy position could be in your future.

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