How to Become a Healthcare Administrator or Manager |

How to Become a Healthcare Administrator or Manager

How to Become a Healthcare Administrator or Manager

The healthcare field enjoys the highest projected growth rate across all sectors. There are numerous medically-related jobs expected to experience an increase in demand of between 22 and 45 percent. With this boom, comes the need for business and administrative support. That means the demand for experienced and knowledgeable administrators and managers in the healthcare field is also growing rapidly.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals the projected need for more than 352,000 healthcare managers by 2026 — representing an estimated 20% growth rate. With an average median annual salary moving upwards of $96,540, these professions deserve serious consideration.

Educational Requirements of a Healthcare Administrator or Manager

These professionals are highly educated individuals, requiring a bachelor’s degree, at a minimum.


A Bachelor’s Degree is required, but many employers prefer a Master’s Degree. Typical areas of study for a Bachelor’s include health services administration and management, business administration, nursing administration and public health administration.

To command a top position with a higher salary, a Master’s degree with focused studies in both business and medical science is recommended. Candidates should choose a primary program — such as Master of Business Administration — with a healthcare concentration. A Master of Science in Health Informatics is another good choice, suitable for those who enjoy technology.

Obtaining Employment

Once you’ve earned your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the applicable field, you can start looking for work. While experience will help those already in the field, the growing demand for these positions will encourage employers to hire candidates straight out of school. This doesn’t mean you won’t have competition. An effective way to get a leg up on other candidates is through use of the services of a top-notch recruitment firm. Choose one that focuses on the healthcare industry to ensure they have the knowledge and networking skills required for successful placement.

At Healthcare Support, we help medical care organizations and qualified healthcare professionals connect, and we offer a variety of flexible placement options. Whether you’re looking for an administrator or a manager for your facility or seeking an employer in this field, we can help. Learn more about our employment solutions here.

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