How to Adjust to a New Practice in Nursing |

How to Adjust to a New Practice in Nursing

How to Adjust to a New Practice in Nursing

Am I capable of taking on this new role? What if I don’t fit in with the rest of my team? It’s normal to have a lot of questions and a mix of emotions heading into a new nursing practice. Here are some tips to help you adjust.

Schedule Time for Self-Care

It might take some time to settle into your new nursing practice, but don’t forget to allocate some of that time for yourself. Prioritizing self-care can help you find the right work/life balance and avoid burnout. As your new schedules roll in, see how you can make room for hobbies. Or, if you have a fixed schedule, block out hours of your week to dedicate toward your favorite activities.

Allow Yourself an Adjustment Period

Remember when you were new to the entire profession — fresh out of college and filled with a range of emotions? Your first weeks and months in a new nursing practice might feel similar to your first few weeks and months as a nurse in general. Fortunately, you already have an established network of information and experience under your belt.

Before you start listening to thoughts of doubt or getting overwhelmed with anxiety, remember that you’ve already, and successfully, faced this kind of newness before. Allow yourself an adjustment period of at least six months to really learn your unit, facility, and role before you start making any serious reevaluations.

Don’t Hide Your Dedication

The longer you wait to fully commit to your new role, the longer it will take to adjust to the practice. If you’re dedicated to succeeding in your career change, don’t be afraid to let it show. Stay engaged by asking questions and retain the information you learn on the job by keeping a notebook handy. To get to know your team, interact with your coworkers on the clock — and consider taking up offers to grab lunch or coffee with them off the clock.

Work With a Professional Mentor

Your surroundings and some of your job duties might change, but you still have the same skills. If you’re thinking about making lateral or upward moves in your nursing career, consult the healthcare recruiters at HealthCare Support. We’re here to help you ace interviews, perfect your resume, negotiate job offers, and adjust to your next role in nursing. To join a talent network exclusive to the healthcare profession, contact HealthCare Support today at 888-219-6285.

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