How Healthcare Professionals Can Prepare For Flu Season |

How Healthcare Professionals Can Prepare For Flu Season

Flu Season is here

If you occupy a role in the healthcare field, chances are your employer requires you to get a flu shot each year. While flu vaccinations are highly effective for most, it may not be enough on its own for healthcare professionals who are exposed to the virus regularly throughout the season.

Here are just a few ways you can help protect yourself from getting sick:

  • Be kind to your body

    Modern medicine can only do so much; you need to fuel your body with the things it needs to help keep itself healthy as well. Junk food might help you get through a tough shift, but eating well and taking in plenty of fruits and vegetables gives your body the vitamins and minerals to fight off sickness during flu season. Be sure to stay hydrated as well.

  • Sleep enough

    Flu season falls during a time of year when many are busy with holiday activity on top of usual work and social requirements. This takes a toll on the body, so make sure to sleep plenty.

  • Take notes from travelers

    Avid travelers swear by immune-boosters and vitamins like Airborne, Zicam, or Emergen-C. Airports and airplanes have proven to be some of the most germ-ridden places anywhere, so adopting these techniques can help you keep sickness at bay as well.

  • Pay attention to your body

    The first signs that sickness is coming are often subtle. If you notice yourself feeling a little achy or your nose is starting to run, make taking care of yourself top priority. Take vitamins, rest, drunk fluids, and use hand sanitizer often. Being proactive can be enough to stop the flu before it has a chance to even start.

  • Clean is key

    You might go to great lengths to keep yourself clean, but what about the things you touch every day? Things like your cell phone, car keys, wallet, or purse touch countless surfaces each day, so they need to be kept sanitized as well.

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