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Hotel Living Tips for Travel Nurses

Hotel Living Tips for Travel Nurses

As a traveling nurse, you know that some assignments can be shorter than others. While longer assignments may call for prolonged accommodations, shorter ones may only require temporary lodging at either an Airbnb rental or a hotel. Here are some handy hotel living tips to help make your shorter travel nursing gig more comfortable.

Don’t Forget to Pack the Essentials

No matter how short the assignment, there are some essential items that you should consider bringing on your hotel stay.

  1. Your own sheets and pillow – The quality of hotel linens can be hit or miss. By bringing your own sheets and pillow, you can ensure your own comfort and bring a sense of home to your hotel room.
  2. Hot plate – Eating out can be expensive. If your hotel room is not equipped with a kitchen, consider bringing a hot plate so that you can make your own food.
  3. Streaming stick and e-reader – Hotel rooms only offer basic cable, so it is important to bring access to other forms of entertainment so you can unwind and stay up-to-date on your favorite series between shifts.
  4. Sound machine – Hotel walls can be paper-thin. To help you get some sleep, a sound machine—either as a portable device or an app on your phone—is a great way to block out the noise from your neighbors and get some much needed shut eye.
  5. An array of clothes – Even if your assignment is in a particular season, it is good to have at least one clothing item for any type of weather. For example, even if you’re working during the summer, a sweater is good to have in case your hotel room is particularly cold.
  6. A large cooler – Having a large cooler in your room is a great way to take advantage of the endless hotel ice that you will have access to. Furthermore, your own cooler will be bigger and cleaner than the ice container the hotel provides—allowing you to keep more items cool than can fit in your hotel minifridge.
  7. A sentimental item – Most hotel rooms have fairly cookie-cutter décor, making them feel distinctly like a hotel room and not like a home. One way to personalize your stay is to bring a sentimental item from home. Some great examples include a treasured stuffed animal, a vase of beautiful flowers, or a framed picture of loved ones to set up on your bedside table.

Keep Your Room Clean

Just because a hotel room isn’t your home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prioritize keeping it tidy. Hotel rooms can start to feel cramped very quickly if you throw things around without any regard to organization. Not only is a tidy, organized room easier to live in, but you will also reduce the risk of accidentally leaving something behind when you check out.

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