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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Admin Assistant

A healthcare revenue cycle management brings together the business and health aspects of healthcare. An admin assistant who works in this field is responsible for tracking the health care of patients from the time they come into the office to the time that their final bill is paid. They enter a patient’s information into the computer and ensure that patients are aware of their regular appointment times through reminder calls and updating information in the scheduling software. They also maintain a record of the care that patients receive in the office.

Cycle Management Responsibilities

Once the patient has been transferred to the care of the physician, it becomes the responsibility of the revenue cycle management team to ensure that the insurance information is up-to-date with the insurance company. If a claim is denied, the admin assistant must find out why and often smooth the wrinkles out so that future payments go through.

Although the billing specialist often handles the coding to guarantee proper payment, the admin assistant must follow-through to collect the co-pay and notify patients when they have an outstanding balance.

The job of a Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Admin Assistant requires a person who is personable and detail-oriented. Medical offices must maintain comprehensive medical files and track a patient’s travels through the office to the resolution of their ailment and beyond without losing sight of the reason patients come to the office, to begin with.

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