Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Nurse Pay |

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Nurse Pay

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Nurse Pay

As healthcare professionals who work in short-term roles in facilities all across the country, travel nurses have the potential to earn high salaries wherever they go. If you’re looking to fill a role in areas that need extra nursing support, take a look at what will go into your travel nurse pay.

What Makes Up A Travel Nurse Salary? 

When non-taxable reimbursements are factored into earnings, travel nurses have the potential to earn more than nurses in a permanent position. However, the amount of money you earn is dependent on your individual situation. The following often factors into your paycheck: 

  • Schedule – If you take on many shifts, work overtime, and are available on call or come in on holidays, you can earn more money. 
  • Specialty – Certain specialties typically pay more than others. For example, ICU travel nurses can make more than medical surge travel nurses.
  • Location – Facilities in northern states tend to pay more in the winter months to incentivise more applicants. In contrast, facilities usually pay less in highly sought after cities, such as New York or Miami, to level out the competition of a larger applicant pool. If you’re open to temporarily living in a small town, you may end up earning more. 
  • Demand – If a new unit opens or if there’s an increase in demand, those positions will offer a higher compensation. 

How Do Travel Nurses Get Paid? 

Salaries aren’t the only way travel nurses build their income. When you’re on assignment, you can anticipate receiving stipends for housing, meals, and travel costs. Travel nurses will usually get these payments through direct deposits. However, those payments, and how often they come through to your account, ultimately depend on your staffing agency. For example, your agency will work with your facility to determine if you get paid weekly or biweekly with or without the addition of your stipends.

Are Travel Nurse Agencies Necessary?

Travel nurse agencies take care of many financial responsibilities, including stipends, salary negotiation, and billing. While it’s possible to handle all of these tasks on your own as an independent contract travel nurse, keep in mind it’s an entire job in itself. It’s hectic enough for a travel nurse to balance assignments every 13 or so weeks. To make your job as a travel nurse easier, work with an agency that will support your financial goals.

Be a Well-Paid Travel Nurse With HealthCare Support

Whether you’re a first time travel nurse or a seasoned one, working with a recruiter that cares about you and your goals can make your next assignment the best one yet. 

HealthCare Support is a national staffing resource that supports the professional, personal and financial goals of passionate healthcare professionals. We’ll help you throughout the placement process and advocate for your financial wants and needs. With compassionate guidance and highly responsive support, our dedicated team can help you get the compensation you deserve. 

To connect with our team, please give us a call at 888-219-6285.

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