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Director/Manager Of Pharmacy

A pharmacy manager oversees the day-to-day tasks of the pharmacy operations and manages all staff within the department, ensuring that prescriptions are being filled, that staff members complete their assigned duties, and local, and federal procedures have been followed. The pharmacy manager reports directly to the operations manager, or they may work as the head of a pharmacy team. Depending on the location, the pharmacy manager may also need to pick up inventory items and be available to handle pharmacy emergencies.

The pharmacy manager closely monitors prescriptions, assuring that they have medications that are most likely to be prescribed. In addition to keeping prescription in stock, pharmacy managers complete a series of managerial tasks, including handling complaints, maintain contact with the doctor’s office, and assist with over-time for staff management.

Pharmacy Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Pharmacy managers are typically required to notify the local board of any changes in pharmacist personnel.
  • Review prescriptions in the health departments and be responsible for dispensing at health clinics.
  • Pharmacy manager accepts responsibility for the operations of their clinic or pharmacy department in conformance with all statutes and regulations.
  • Pharmacy managers administer immunizations to patients, following safety protocol.

Pharmacy Manager Training and Additional Education

Pharmacy managers will typically have a bachelors degree in a related field of study. Employers will require managers to have current pharmacy licenses in the state where they work, as each state has its licensing requirements. Pharmacy managers will have to have current immunization certification as well, which is a certification obtained after participants complete a training course.

Salary and Job Trajectory

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacists occupied more than 300,000 jobs in 2016. By the year 2026, the number is expected to grow 6 percent, which is exponentially faster than other fields.

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