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Clinical Pharmacist Liaison

A clinical pharmacist liaison is responsible for assisting and supporting the Director of Pharmacy with strategic planning, utilization management, and development of pharmacy initiatives related to pharmacoeconomics. A clinical pharmacist liaison also works with physicians and other members of health care regarding treatment regimens, as well as serves as an authenticated information source on drugs and their application in therapy.

Responsibilities of a clinical pharmacist liaison include:

  • Direct and indirect patient care
  • Formulary management
  • Staff education
  • Cost containment
  • Research and drug product development
  • All phases of clinical trials research

Many clinical pharmacist liaisons obtain postgraduate degrees to meet the scientific duties and technical demands required in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacists can combine their scientific background with their interest in clinical work by serving as liaisons. A variety of health care professionals educate clinical pharmacist liaisons on the uses, merits, and scientific data related to the production of their firms. After receiving administrative and management skills, experienced clinical pharmacist liaisons often hold executive positions or become supervisors within the pharmaceutical industry.

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