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HealthCare Support Receives Top Recognition as One of the Top Healthcare Staffing Firms

          We are excited to announce that HealthCare Support (HCS) has been recognized as one of the Top Healthcare Staffing Firms of 2023 by Great Recruiters. This accolade reflects our commitment to excellence in healthcare staffing … Continue reading

Why Us?

Become Part of the Family: Why Choosing HealthCare Support is the Key to Success HealthCare Support understands that choosing a job is no longer solely about the paycheck. It’s about feeling valued, recognized and becoming a part of something more … Continue reading

The Differences Between Contract, Right to Hire, and Direct Placement Positions in Healthcare

When working with a staffing agency to get hired for a healthcare position, you may be wondering what the different employment types being offered to you mean. While there may be some variations in how companies define these terms, below … Continue reading

Will a Staffing Agency Really Help Me Find a Job?

Anyone who has used a staffing agency in the past knows how helpful they can be, especially when job demand is high, but the jobs themselves aren’t plentiful. So what, exactly, can a staffing firm like HealthCare Support do to … Continue reading

Dressing for Interview Success

Something that many people struggle with is figuring out exactly what to wear for an interview. What you wear helps form that important first impression and creates an image of the type of person you are. There may not be … Continue reading

7 Tips to Help Nail the Interview

Employment in the healthcare industry is very competitive. Although your resume can get you the interview, handling the process can be a huge contributor in whether you’ll clinch the job. To ensure you get the job offer, follow these surefire … Continue reading