Benefits to Using a Staffing Firm to Help Get You Hired in HealthCare |

Benefits to Using a Staffing Firm to Help Get You Hired in HealthCare

Many times, job searching can become an overwhelming process. You spend hours inquiring about work opportunities, updating your resume, and applying for job openings, but still aren’t getting hired. Without being given feedback from outside sources, it can become difficult to know what you can improve on to help increase your chances of landing a really great job.

According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), staffing firms have made a compelling improvement to the U.S. economy by offering staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions, which has resulted in 15 million employees being hired annually. With statistics such as these; it’s no wonder so many professionals are using staffing firms to assist them in finding a position relating to their field. Other benefits of using a staffing firm to help get you hired include:

  • Accessibility to lots of jobs

    Busy employers count on staffing firms to fill numerous employment positions on a temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct hire basis.

  • Possibility of full-time

    When in a temporary position, you can impress the employer, which could land you a permanent spot in the company. There are also many employers looking to hire full-time employees from the start.

  • Getting connected

    Many staffing firms work with thousands of local employers, allowing you to get connected to jobs much easier than on your own.

  • Knowing the job market

    Staffing firms work in the industry every day and therefore know firsthand when changes are approaching. You will have access to all kinds of insights regarding which skills are in demand and how to find and keep work in the current economy.

  • Offering clarification

    You’ll be guided into starting a career that is a good fit for you depending on what you are looking for, as well as being educated on where to apply based on who is hiring.

  • Providing important services

    By getting help with your resume and interviewing skills, you will have an advantage over those who are job searching on their own.

  • Acting as good support systems

    Having a great attitude is crucial to being hired. Staffing firms can help you focus on the brighter side of job searching when things become emotionally stressful.

  • Looking out for you and the employer

    A staffing firm who takes pride in what they do will have both you and the employer’s best interests at heart.

You are missing a major component needed for a more efficient job search by not working with a professional staffing firm. HealthCare Support (HSS), is a national niche recruitment firm placing top talent in the dynamic healthcare industry. To enhance your job search and application process, join our talent network today!

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