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4 Tips for a New LPN in an LTC Facility

4 Tips for a New LPN in an LTC Facility

No matter how well prepared you feel after graduating from nursing school, starting a new job as a Licensed Practical Nurse can be scary and overwhelming, especially when you’re starting at a long-term care facility. To quickly become accustomed to your new job, we’ve put together a list of the top four tips from nurses in the field on how to stay calm and organized while you acclimate to your new patients and facility.

Make a List

Each patient you will encounter is unique, and therefore has their own way of doing things If they are a regular patient of yours, write down their name and a list of the meds they take and how they take Do they need the pills to be crushed? Are they taken with certain beverages? Doing this will prevent you from running back and forth, saving you valuable time.

Be Patient

Speed comes with time. Don’t set your expectations so high, especially when you are first starting out, or else you’ll get discouraged too easily. Take your time with things, so you do them right, and keep a cool head. Eventually, your daily routines will become muscle memory, and the rate at which you get them done will never be an issue.

Ask Questions

And be open to criticism. If you encounter older or more experienced LPNs willing to give you advice; listen to them. They know the ropes of your new facility, and will often be able to give you specific tricks and tips on how to handle the most difficult patients or co-workers.

If You’re Working with CNAs, Respect Them

As the ones who get down and dirty, certified nursing assistance are often undervalued. Treat them with respect, even if they do not live up to your expectations, and your whole facility will run smoother. If you notice they have forgotten to turn, bathe, or give proper assistance to a patient, gently remind them. They’ll be grateful you cared enough to tell

How We’ll Help

If you’re fresh out of school or just looking for a new job in the healthcare industry, HealthCare Support can help you. Search for jobs, join our network, or check out some of the resources we have available tailored just for you. With the ever-changing demands of the healthcare industry, you’ll need someone like us on your side. For more information, give us a call today at 407-478-0332.

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