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3 Tips for Networking

3 Tips for Networking

You’ve probably heard someone tell you that you need to network to land the right job in healthcare– it’s true. Networking can help you find the right position – or at the very least, help you to get your foot in the right door! But how do you network and where do you start? Use these tips to help optimize your connections!

Shake hands online and in person

Job fairs are a great place to start, but you can also make connections from the comfort of your home by networking online. Joining groups on LinkedIn is a great place to start. Once logged in to LinkedIn start typing keywords in the search field. You’ll see a drop down list that includes “Groups” you can join and “Companies” you can follow. From there you can directly connect with industry experts or higher-ups in companies that you’d be interested in working for.

Pay attention and take notes

A great secret to networking is taking notes. Pay attention to the people you meet at job fairs and write down key details about them. Use the introduction as an opportunity to find out more about the healthcare jobs they offer and their interviewing process. When you send a follow up email include a brief note including details of your conversation to help differentiate you from thousands of other resumes.

Volunteer and make connections

An excellent way to spearhead your networking in the healthcare industry is to volunteer. Whether it’s a few hours a week or a full day every month, the connections you’ll make and the knowledge you’ll acquire is priceless.

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