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3 Things You Need To Advance Your Nursing Career

3 Things You Need To Advance Your Nursing Career

Nursing careers can take on many different paths, and when the right moves are made, promotions, special project selections, managerial positions, and more are possible. Here are three ways you can advance your career as a nurse.

How To Advance Your Nursing Career

  1. Seek Opportunities

    According to a study on multigenerational nurse leadership, 50.2% of registered nurses were born between 1946 to 1965. Since these baby boomers are approaching retirement age in the next decade, opportunities will increase exponentially. As veteran nurses, many of these baby boomer nurses hold shift leader and charge nurse positions. Once they retire, these positions will open up.

    Additionally, with new positions coming into existence as the healthcare industry adapts to new changes, openings in case management, infection prevention, quality improvement, and more will become available.

  2. Be Prepared

    Do your research to learn what is needed in the next step of your career. What new skills do you need to learn to do your best? Are there any necessary certifications you need to earn? Would more schooling help your understanding of the role?

    Answering these questions can better prepare you for what’s to come. Remember, moving up the ranks can be competitive. When the time comes to advance your career, know that many other individuals in your specific field will be looking to do the same. To take advantage of these opportunities coming your way, and get ahead of the competition, preparation—especially for an interview—is key.

    For example, in the event that an internal promotion opportunity is available within your company, don’t rely too much on your reputation as a long-time employee. While you may be staying in your same place of work, you’re filling a new role with new responsibilities so support those needs with your own specific examples. In your interview, share how you solve problems in relation to the mission of the hospital and emphasize the value you bring to the space. Your unique experiences will make you stand out, so prepare yourself as much as you can to land the position.

  3. Know That Timing Is Crucial

    Timing can play a big role in taking the next step in your career. A position can open up and you may not have the necessary experience to take it on, or you may have all it takes to move up in your role and a position may not be available. Whatever the circumstance, readiness and availability can weigh into career mobility.

What To Do When You’re Ready To Advance Your Career 

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