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Triage Nurse

A Triage Nurse is a registered nurse positioned in an emergency room (ER) or facility; responsible for assessing patients and determining their level of need for medical assistance. The criteria used to evaluate a patient include the type of injury or illness, its severity, symptoms, patient explanation of emergency, and vital signs. A Triage Nurse is typically the first point of clinical contact for patients visiting an ER.

Responsibilities of a Triage Nurse include :

  • Perform patient assessment
  • Reassess patients who are waiting
  • Initiate emergency treatment if necessary
  • Manage and communicate with patients in waiting room
  • Provide education to patients and families when necessary
  • Sort patients into priority groups according to guidelines
  • Transport patients to appropriate treatment areas
  • Communicate status of patients to doctors and nurses

In situations when a patient’s condition is life-threatening, Triage Nurses are tasked with providing immediate medical treatment. In some facilities they answer patient phone calls and offer medical assistance.

Qualifications for a Triage Nurse

A Triage Nurse is an experienced registered nurse capable of demonstrating medical expertise in emergency settings. They should complete a triage education course to prepare them for the complexities of their role. Triage Nurses must also be able to multitask and make decisions when information is limited.