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Respiratory Therapist

Primarily dealing with patients of respiratory issue or ailment, respiratory therapists are skilled in administering breathing tests and treatments. By administering respiratory therapies and diagnostic treatments, these clinical professionals can improve and maintain respiratory function in patients with compromised airways. 

Respiratory therapists must be excellent verbal and written communicators, as they partner with other departments to manage comprehensive patient care. Likewise, these therapists must demonstrate strong critical thinking skills when dealing with emergent patient cases. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Maintain and record accurate and thorough documentation 
  • Comprehensively asses patients’ medical records and physical condition 
  • Perform respiratory therapies, including medical gas therapy
  • Assist with and maintain ventilator support 
  • Train and mobilize new and oncoming staff members through respiratory training 

Qualifications and Skills 

  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent experience 
  • Associate degree in a related field 
  • Active Registered Respiratory Therapists licensure   
  • 1+ years’ of respiratory therapy experience 
  • Proficiency with word processing software