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Reimbursement Analyst

Reimbursement analysts are responsible for determining the amount of money an office owes a patient following services performed by a physician. They process and record important details and figures before using that information to determine exact reimbursement amounts.

The position also entails researching payer policies to comply with regulations and expedite the process. Analysts regularly handle personal information in vast quantities, so confidentiality is of the utmost importance. The job is sedentary in nature and is performed in various medical facilities. A 40-hour workweek is normal.

Reimbursement analysts work alongside patients, employees, and physicians. The analyst will rely on many complex functions on a daily basis, and generally, they have a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Management experience may also be beneficial, because the position requires analysis of workloads and some assignment of duties within the process.

Because they are frequently in contact with others, oral and written communication skills for the position are valuable, as are multitasking and maintaining precision. The preparation of different monetary reports falls under the duties of this role.

Overall responsibilities include:

  • Generate annual insurance cost reports
  • Formulate quarterly progressions
  • Reconcile third-party receivables and payables
  • Work closely with management across services
  • Provide high-quality written and oral communications
  • Perform critical thinking and evaluation efficiently