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Patient account representatives work for healthcare facilities where their job function is to make sure patient bills for medical services are collected or paid. In many other industries, this position is known as a billing clerk.

Patient account reps can work at hospitals, physicians’ offices, clinics or other healthcare facilities. They often discuss the services performed by the healthcare provider with the patient and explain how the services and costs are applied. Account representatives often act as a liaison between the facility, the patient and the patient’s insurance company. They insure the bill for medical service is paid by all parties, often applying the insurance payout, then contacting the patient for any additional money needed to close out the bill. The patient account representative may also keep a record of the patient’s billing history, insurance and payment information for future reference. They can also help assist patients with alternate sources of payment for the services rendered and help patients with payment plans to collect the debt.

If a patient’s bill is overdue, it is the job of the account representative to contact the patient for payment of the amount of the bill. If payment is not received in a timely fashion, the account rep may work with a collection agency or attorney to collect the dept. However, this is usually a last resort after methods such as phone calls and written letters are sent to the patient.

Patient Account Representative Education and Training

Minimum education is limited to a high school diploma or equivalent in most cases, but patient account representatives may seek additional education such as an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in business. As with most professions, a higher level of education rarely hurts a prospective job candidate or someone in the field and in many cases may help one attain a promotion or increase in compensation.

Skills required for a patient account representative include: typing, phone skills, filing, report writing, medical terminology, research, and use of the internet to locate patients through maps. Some representatives are fluent in multiple languages, which can be an asset to many companies.

As the healthcare system continues to grow with an aging population, this is a field with positive growth in number of jobs in the future.

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